ASP, PHP, OpenCart and iOS.



  • Access ODBC, Excel CSV
  • PHP, MySQL, Zend MVC
  • Excel CSV, Excel formula
  • Word MailMerge for DB


I cut my teeth with Microsoft’s Active Server Pages back on Macromedia’s UltraDev. From the very first “Hello World” I could see the possibilities of data-driven websites and I was hooked. That enthusiasm for code is still with me today and in many ways makes me a better designer.

In ASP I have written bespoke solutions for a number of companies including complex E-commerce solutions and Extranets, all with security built into every function.

E-Commerce (ASP)

The most complicated project would have to have been the Cyberflex website, which featured a three-level membership system; each membership with its own reward scheme and discount across the site. The database began as a Microsoft Access database which I upsized to SQL and payment gateway was handled by a bespoke connection to Natwest ePDQ.

Extranet (ASP)

The extranet project for Genersys Plc involved multi level access -Headquarters, User, Sales, Director and a geographical entry for International resellers -that collectively managed CRM and CMS for the company. The extranet, once securely logged in, was an invaluable asset to the company but it had humble beginnings as a search engine I developed in my own spare time from home. I remember deploying and introducing the project and though reception was slow at start it soon became the go-to tool of choice for all staff involved in the day to day business of the company. The extranet grew as features were requested and I delivered them.


I enjoy programming with PHP and have worked with the OpenCart framework extensively for the past two years and recently the Zend MVC PHP framework as well of course as WordPress projects.


I am currently developing a personal app for iOS using the Swift language.

Gary Hicks

Email: Mobile: 07414 509157

PHP MVC frameworks -OpenCart e-commerce, Zend.

Classic ASP, SQL, ASP.NET MVC and ODBC Mailmerge solutions.

Currently developing for iOS in Swift.


I design logos, brand guidelines and can provide companies their marketing strategies at any stage in business.



I am an extremely well experienced designer, having designed across all mediums both in print and digitally for more than 14 years.



Fluent in ASP, PHP and well versed in MVC frameworks, my work is built on clean code with a genuine passion for data-driven solutions.



I have implemented online, email and web marketing strategies. I use Google Analytics, email and competitor tracking tools.


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My name is Gary Hicks and I have more than fourteen years industry experience. Lets’s work together.

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