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Design from the heart.

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Complex layouts, cuts, UV masks. InDesign, QuarkXpress -including converting back and forth. Vectors. SmartObjects. Preflight. Chromalins. CMYK, RGB. Bespoke website design. Flash intros and Flash autostart business cards & USB keys. Responsive web. UX. Book layout, section & chapter numbering. Barcodes. Bootstrap, WordPress, OpenCart and frameworks. Presentations. Design for Microsoft Office. Media queries, CSS break points. JQuery.

-a snapshot of my design experience.


My first professional design work was undertaken with Macromedia’s UltraDev -a precursor to Dreamweaver -and Flash. Now, if you remember Macromedia by name then you’ll also fondly remember Web Frames (wow, remember those guys?). How about pre-CSS, coding styles inline. Now I’m showing my age but also the length of time I have been designing -here’s a clue, Photoshop 4 (remember how text was rasterised as soon as you added it!?) -yes that’s more than a decade and a half of design.

Trends come and go

Over those years I have seen a lot of technologies -and trends -come and go, both to the digital domain and the printed. I think it is absolutely an advantage, having seen the changes and being within the profession going through them -and working with them.


Design is definitely from the heart, but executed with expertise and -ideally -with a knowledge of the best tools available. Like branding, my approach to design is centered around the end user. My production pipeline is based mainly around Adobe software and 3D Studio Max.

Because I am a programmer I am also proficient with designing for frameworks such as WordPress and OpenCart. Understanding the underlying code and MVC structure allows me as a designer to deploy files quicker as a result of being fluent in their structure.

Responsive web

The responsive web is certainly here to stay… though personally I find it a necessary evil. There is a debate very recently about the merits of Adaptive vs. Fluid. vs. Responsive and CSS Regions. I do design with Responsive frameworks -the website is built on one -though I eagerly watch the trend towards a more refined solution.


I have a large amount of experience designing brochures, businesscards of all sizes including CD-based Flash media, letterheaded paper and stationary, complex layouts for bespoke wallet folders and large format prints such as billboards and exhibition stands. I have moved with the industry away from QuarkXpress to Adobe’s InDesign, though I still maintain a large library of QuarkXpress work.

Gary Hicks

Email: Mobile: 07414 509157

Print design -brochures, large format, preflight, book cover and book layouts.

Digital design -responsive web, mobile, WordPress and OpenCart frameworks and UX for iOS.

Bespoke formats -print for vans, complex cuts and exhibition panels.


I design logos, brand guidelines and can provide companies their marketing strategies at any stage in business.



I am an extremely well experienced designer, having designed across all mediums both in print and digitally for more than 14 years.



Fluent in ASP, PHP and well versed in MVC frameworks, my work is built on clean code with a genuine passion for data-driven solutions.



I have implemented online, email and web marketing strategies. I use Google Analytics, email and competitor tracking tools.


Ready to stand out?

My name is Gary Hicks and I have more than fourteen years industry experience. Lets’s work together.

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